Spray polymer plaster

The benefits of machine applied gypsum plaster powder:

It is highly resistant to moisture which means that it will never change its

state after absorbing moisture.

It increases the speed of work at least five times, and decreases the amount

of people and hours. It highly fastens the work (250 square meters per day

with just one machine) which causes less congestions and overlaps at works.

Its homogenous mixing makes the work surface a unified whole.This factor

prevents the waves in the surface, because gypsum mortar is stirred well at

high speed in the tank of the machine.

Its strength even with low thickness causes preventing rapid erosion of the

building. Many use traditional plaster which is made up with less gypsum

and a lot of water for their own convenience and lacking superego at work.It

is harmful,because It gets scratched with even the slightest hit.

It perfectly covers concrete and metal columns.

It covers the roof of the building directly by the machine and at a high speed.

 It is applicable on any structures (brick,concrete, ionolite,pottery, heblex,

plastofoam,and …)due to having special materials at least up to 10 cm


The production of construction waste in this system is very low because it is

done directly by the machine on the work surface.

It saves time and money due to high speed,no need for concrete substrate,

cleaning and…

Having 24dB sound insulation,and good isolation against heat and cold.

It is formable for at least 80 minutes which means you do not need to be in

a rush at work. It does not get dry rapidly.

This plaster does not need any oil in the painting stage dueto its low water

absorption. Not only does it save time and money, it also makes it easier to


Permanent strength of window and door corners or other angles due to the

installation of metal profiles.

Using aluminum straps instead of chrome which get separated from the

work surface can be repaired in case of errors. In the traditional chrome

method,the final basis is manual chrome which cannot be repaired.

It is applicable in a single step which helps you to skip the plaster and soil

process of work, and you can just apply this plaster by the machine with a

high speed on the walls. Also, it enables you to polish the work surface at

the same time as well.

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